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Hello, good morning, good day! 

This is Building Blo(g)s, the online showcase of Cecilia Architects.

We’ll be showing off our latest projects, introducing new ones and reminding you of old ones. 

We’re kicking off our first post with one of our projects we are very proud of, the brand new Bikki Wes estate in Nelspruit. 

Bikki Wes sets a new standard for residential developments in Nelspruit with modern exterior design coupled with quality interior finishes and fittings.  The show house furniture was handpicked by ourselves to compliment the architectural design. 

 Our suppliers were as follows: Superbalist.com
Mr Price Home Illanga Mall
VC Art, local cabinet & furniture maker
@Home Illanga Mall
Weylandts Nelspruit
Knap Nelspruit 

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