Home is where the heart is and the kitchen is its soul.

For most houses the kitchen is located in the centre of the house, they are not sedate and quiet spaces. They were created with a purpose, to make true memories that
will last a lifetime, kitchens are rooms filled with energy and aroma.

Some new homes embrace the more casual lifestyle and are being built without a dining room or formal living area. However it has been noted that the homes with formal dining and living areas still find that friends and family gather in the kitchen.

With much less importance being paid to separate living and dining areas these days, focus seems to be almost solely on the kitchen space.

Kitchens are the place where families bond. You no longer have to slave alone in the kitchen instead the crowd joins you, it is also one of the first places where children learn to be of some service.

In other words, kitchens are not just a Cooking Room.

Redeveloped Properties

Four properties were transformed into various professional offices. Care was taken to maintain the original structures and new modern buildings were incorporated.

These new offices were designed to reduce the carbon footprint through the ideology of green living.

The development blends harmoniously in with the existing building and natural environment.  




Chairs provide us not only with comfort, but are also a big part of any interior design.

Unconsciously, we use chairs for much more than to just sit on. We choose chairs to express our individuality and status, and to demonstrate our good taste!

Chairs are found throughout houses and businesses therefore choose wisely the next time you want to purchase a chair as they are required to perform more functions than what they are made for.

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