Chairs provide us not only with comfort, but are also a big part of any interior design.

Unconsciously, we use chairs for much more than to just sit on. We choose chairs to express our individuality and status, and to demonstrate our good taste!

Chairs are found throughout houses and businesses therefore choose wisely the next time you want to purchase a chair as they are required to perform more functions than what they are made for.

Newly Developed Preschool

This newly developed preschool is designed around a spacious double volume motorized skills area with classrooms linked directly to it. 

Each classroom also connects to the enclosed outdoor play area where kids can burn off extra energy. 

The building is fully accessible for both adults and children using wheelchairs and includes playful shapes and a colourful pallet to keep growing minds inspired. 

The Store House of Knowledge

A library plays a big role in the life of a student, it exhibits a positive impact on the academic achievements of pupils. 

Have a look at a few of our recent library projects - Some are new designs, and others are additions and upgrades of existing libraries.

Libraries are a much needed unique and valuable resource.

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