Flower Inspired Packhouse

One thing that cannot be said about flowers is that they are dull or boring. When thinking about a daisy one cannot help but imagine a bright yellow or a striking pink. 

Flowers bring excitement and joy and a general sense of happiness. These are a few of the many emotions the Architects envisioned to bring to life in the Flower Packhouse especially for those working in what could otherwise be a dull and depressing building.

The packhouse has been clothed in sunshine yellows, bold oranges, festive pinks and dazzling blues in an attempt to mimic the wonder that can almost exclusively be found in nature and flowers in particular. 

Modern architecture is loaded with colour-scared architects which result in the bulk of new buildings being just more building. The design at the Flower Packhouse is drastically different as one cannot visit the building and leave without a smile on your face.

New Addition at Church

The requirements were that the new space should be designed in such a way that they were not limited to a number of smaller fixed classrooms for the cathesis classes but to have an option of interchanging the spaces. The area that was available for the addition was an old store building next to the existing church. 

As one moves from the existing to the new textures and elements evolve building up to a light and airy interior congregation space culminating in the angular steeple bringing in light. Wood cladding gives warmth and exude calmness.

The building strives to invigorate the user spiritually and emotionally. Hand crafted copper door handles and stained glass covering cut outs in the concrete slab designed and made by the architect highlights the sense of being.

Office Buildings

Gone are the days where office buildings only had four walls and a roof. Offices are now being built with a new flair and creativity that will inspire the employee and intrigue the customer.

These buildings were designed with functionality in mind and to increase the productivity of the business. 

The external fabric engages with both the city and the business of workplace through a richly detailed assembly of glass, metal and stone components.

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