An Exclusive Luxury House

Perched atop a rocky outcrop amongst beautiful trees in a modern Estate in Nelspruit, this residence promises to deliver outstanding views of the Lowveld with a spacious layout and inter-flowing spaces. 

The design includes large double volume entertainment areas and upmarket finishes. 

Full 3D documentation allowed Cecilia Architects to give the client a clear understanding of the vision proposed even in the early stages of the design.

New Office Renovation

An exciting alteration project in the pipeline consists of an existing residential building with Victorian details which has been converted into an office space. 

The brief was to enlarge the existing office space, upgrade the interior with contemporary finishes and to reinvigorate the exterior aesthetics. 

Elements proposed for the alteration includes new skylights, timber screens and a minimalist monochrome entrance foyer clad in black sheet metal which is contrasted by a sandstone wall wrapping around the building.  

Beautiful Interiors

Seeing as the weather is cold & wet today we’re heading inside and showing off some of our interior designs on various projects.

Often a neglected part of a project a good interior needs to be pleasing to the eye, comfortable to live in and practical in terms of layout of furniture etc.

Materials and finishes need to work together as well and be suited to the purpose intended so that they fit in with the end users day to day life.

And remember, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”  Yves Saint Laurent

Au Revoir! 

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