Office Buildings

Gone are the days where office buildings only had four walls and a roof. Offices are now being built with a new flair and creativity that will inspire the employee and intrigue the customer.

These buildings were designed with functionality in mind and to increase the productivity of the business. 

The external fabric engages with both the city and the business of workplace through a richly detailed assembly of glass, metal and stone components.

Living on the Edge

There is something truly special about living on the edge in luxury and the embrace of nature. 

Each house was built with the intention of having that breathtaking view we all wish for. Imagine waking up every morning with a spectacular view, it’s enough to get your spirit high.

An Exclusive Luxury House

Perched atop a rocky outcrop amongst beautiful trees in a modern Estate in Nelspruit, this residence promises to deliver outstanding views of the Lowveld with a spacious layout and inter-flowing spaces. 

The design includes large double volume entertainment areas and upmarket finishes. 

Full 3D documentation allowed Cecilia Architects to give the client a clear understanding of the vision proposed even in the early stages of the design.

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