When every inch Counts

This office building comprises of split level parkings which are also accessible by tenants from the neighbouring buildings. Clever use of the natural slope of the site ensures that the maximum permitted floor area to parking ratios have been met.

The building is designed to be as maintenance free as possible by using facebrick and concrete in its natural state.

The structural elements of the building allows for the internal spaces to be re-arranged easily into different dry wall configurations as future tenants please.

Beautiful Restaurants

Dining out is not only about food its also about socializing and the scene.

A simple meal seems that much more appetizing when paired with
appealing furniture, luxurious finishes and alluring lighting.

Boulders Estate

Boulders Estate is set in scenic surrounds and every road offers a different view ranging from city lights to majestic granite hills.

Every home has been decorated with a touch of colour to accentuate the earthy tones prevalent in the face brick used. Timber canopies have also been incorporated to define various spaces and provide shading desperately required for the lowveld climate.

These quality homes are only a stone’s throw away from schools, hospital and other amenities.

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